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Basic Electronics and Trouble Shooting


  • No prereqs except a desire to learn and repair some of your own equipment. 

    Not much math, but a little.  A cheap calculator might be helpful.

    Later in course – We may do some repairs of equipment with problems. 


  • Sessions

    1.5+ Hour each.
    7 PM EST Wed
    nesday Evenings
    ~ 8-12 Cla
    sses (Depends on progress and the experience of the students.)
    Tentative start date is
     Wed, March 13th. So let me know via the  below email address or phone ASAP. We will allow late starters for those that have some of the basic understandings.  


  • Instructor Contact: 

    Jim Schings (AI4SR)

Course Outline:​ 

Basic Current Flow, Ohms Law, Passive Component function, Lab demonstrations of the above.
Active component functions (Tube, Transistors, etc.)
Simple test Equipment. VOM, Analog, Digital, etc.
“Ohms per volt”, (Invasive test equipment, low/high resistance.) Lab Demonstrations

Oscilloscope Batteries, Power Supplies, Filtering/Regulation
Safety - (current/voltage/power)
Theory, simple tests and demos w/Oscilloscope
Block Diagrams / Schematics / Flow info 
Block vs Schematic and uses. Lo
gical diagnostic assumptions.

Actual bug shooting. PS w/ Component failures, Audio w/Component failures, IF/RF w/component failures, Component replacement techniques, de-solder, solder, mechanics, etc.

(Depending upon time, and student interest, the above may vary. )

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