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KY-QRP Charter - No Rules, Just Radio

We are amateur radio enthusiasts with mutual interest in the growing field of QRP. Our charter is to share the enjoyment of building and operating low power (i.e., 5 watts or less) radios. This is accomplished by through our meetings and QRP activities. We have no officers, no by-laws and no dues to allow more time for QRP activities. Membership can be obtained with any form of participation in KY-QRP activities.

Our KY-QRP Club Call Sign is KG4LDL. Our QRP-ARCI Number is 10657.

Newcomers are welcome to participate and can get help setting up their stations by contacting us. All amateurs are encouraged to participate our activities and get on the membership list.

Meetings will be informal gatherings and may take place at the club shack or even at a local park.


Please check 

for information on gatherings or events.

Contact Roy Colvin for more information.


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