Current Activities

The Fayette County ARES net will be on , every Tuesday,  at 8:30 pm.

The net will be on LEX 94 machine 146.940 with a negative offset and a tone of 88.5.

Everyone come and join us.


The open chat net is every Tuesday evening at 8 pm and Saturday mornings

at  8:45 am on the 146.760 Mhz repeater, neg. offset and no PL tone.

It is now time to renew you annual membership in BARS, Please make your payment and update your information such as phone, address, email, license class.

Link to the current By-Laws:!AqEiE135zkdAjjacQsQea7LrQVzd

2021 BARS election Bio of candidates

Attention BARS Members


Below you will find short biographical sketches for the candidates for

the BARS board of directors for 2022. 


Ballots have been mailed and should arrive at your home in a day or two.


Please review the sketches and choose who you think is the best qualified for the various positions, and mark your ballot accordingly.  Be sure and return your  ballot in the envelope provided before the Board of Directors meeting on December 20th.  At that time, the ballots will be counted, and the winners will be announced.



Bars President for 2022

Bart Breeding/KB4FEE


Office Nominated For: President

Name:Bart Breeding                                                                Call Sign:KB4FEE

Previous Call Sign(s):

Class of License Presently Held:Extra

Year First Licensed:1984

Number of Years a Member of this Club: 8(guess)

Offices Held/Committees Worked: Club Newsletter

Interim Treasurer, Finance Committee, Club Web Page

Your Favorite Club Activities: ARES, Emergency, Kit Building

Other Amateur Radio Clubs, Organizations You Hold Memberships Winchester Pioneer Amateur Radio Club

Special Areas of Interpest in Amateur Radio: Rag Chewing, Dxing,

Working Digital digital modes

Awards and other Honors: Ernie Farmer Award 2019



Bars First Vice President 2022

Bob Brown/ KI4JWK


 I was first licensed in the Spring of 2004 and I currently hold a Extra Class license.  My interest in amateur radio vary greatly from Education, QRP operations, packet, APRS as well as digital and phone HF modes.  I have served as First Vice President for the last two years.  I am currently a VE with ARRL.


Salvadore Dominianni/KM4PPV

Office Nominated For:  Vice President

Name:         Sal Dominianni                                                     Call Sign: KM4PPV

Previous Call Sign(s):

Class of License Presently Held: General

Year First Licensed: 2015

Number of Years a Member of this Club: 2 Years

Our Favorite Club Activities: Building different HF Antennas along with participation of club field days


Other Amateur Radio Clubs, Organizations You Hold Memberships In: HF 40 meter band 7240 Club Friendship Net and 7280 Ambassadors for Christ Net, HamSphere VOIP Ham Radio, CQ 100 VOIP Ham Radio, East Coast Amateur Radio Service and South Coast Amateur Radio Service.


Special Areas of Interest in Amateur Radio: My passion for Ham Radio is setting up portable HF equipment at various parks making contacts with other Ham Operators all over the world, checking in with a lot of Nets and making friends with so many Amateurs that are like minded. Since I upgraded my license to General I have made over 500 contacts on 40 meter and 20 meter bands, I also work DMR , Echolink which I have made a lot of contacts World Wide along with participation on various 2 meter Nets weekly .


Awards and other Honors: Awarded DXHC HamSphere Bronze certificate for making 25 DX Contacts Oct 26, 2020, and DXHC HamSphere Silver certificate for making 50 DX Contacts Dec 31, 2020

Second Vice President 2022


David Richardson/W9KHZ


Office Nominated For:  2nd Vice President

Name: David Richardson Call Sign: W9KHZ

Previous Call Sign(s): KE4RWD

Class of License Presently Held: GENERAL CLASS

Year First Licensed: 1994

Number of Years a Member of This Club?  20+

Offices Held/Committees Worked On: 2nd Vice President, Director at Large, Chairman of the Repeater Committee, HamFest Committee Chairman, Club Shack Chairman, Club Trustee, Field Day Coordinator, Member of the Education Committee and member of the Emergency Communications Committee.

Your Favorite Club Activities:   Field Day, shack gatherings, group projects, basically everything that involves fellowship with other members.

Other Amateur Radio Clubs, Organizations You Hold

Membership In: ARRL, ARES, Emergency Disaster Communications Corp, OMISS, and Southeastern Repeater Association (SERA).

Special Areas of Interest In Amateur Radio: antenna building, teaching classes, digital phone modes, digital RF modes, DX, contesting, Raspberry Pi, Linux, workshops, fox hunting. 

Awards and Other Honors: Ernie Farmer Award winner 2018

Secretary 2022

Jewell Vest, Jr/KO3EPJ


Jewell Vest


Technician but studying for General

1st licensed in 2020

Immediately joined the club

Held office of interim director at large

Worked on both the patch committee and for the Ernie Farmer award

Favorite club activity’s are field days and club picnic

I am a member of ARRL

I am especially interested in CW and QRP

Directors at Large 2022

Todd Samuelson/KY4FF

Todd Samuelson   Call Sign: KY4FF
Previous Call Sign(s): KB2TSC
Class of License Presently Held: Extra
Year First Licensed: 1993
Number of Years a Member of this Club: 4
Our Favorite Club Activities: Field Days and Saturday morning open shack time
Special Areas of Interest in Amateur Radio: POTA and Emergency Communications

Harvey Frye/AA4HF

Office Nominated For: _Director at Large

Name: _Harvey Frye_______  Call Sign: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­AA4HF

Previous Call Sign(s): _K4YPT

Class of License Presently Held: _Extra

Year First Licensed: __1958

Number of Years a Member of This Club?  __10+

Offices Held/Committees Worked On: _Army MARS Shack Operations

Your Favorite Club Activities:   Meetings, Programs, Technical Presentations.  Have made presentations to the BARS club in previous years on Army MARS, digital communications modes, etc

Other Amateur Radio Clubs, Organizations You Hold

Membership In: ARRL, Past President Pioneer Amateur Radio Club, Winchester, Past President Dyersburg Tennessee Amateur Radio Club, Kentucky Army MARS State Director for 6 years, QCWA, FISTS, ARRL and W5YI VE including Commercial

Special Areas of Interest In Amateur Radio: Current interests are HF, VHF, UHF voice, CW, various digital modes, Army MARS and SHARES, State EOC operations. During my 63 years as a ham have operated most modes except Fastscan TV and moonbounce.__Check QRZ for home QTH shack pix

Awards and Other Honors: WAS, WAC, Several MARS commendations, Geratol Net Hall of Fame and Phoenix Awards, ARRL A-1 Operator Award, ARRL 35 WPM Code Certificate, FEMA 100,200,700, 800 Certification


Jim Schings/AI4SR

Jim Schings Officer at Large


Member of BARS for about 4 Years. Ham for about 25 years. Extra class.


Interested in most all things related to Amateur Radio. Other hobbies Formula Car Racing and designing electronic projects of all kinds especially Arduino related.


Retired from IBM in 1998 and started SR Racing Corp in Lexington, KY where we built, Cars, Engines, and Dyno data acquisition systems. Also sold retail performance parts at our outlets in Lexington and Chicago and web on-line sales.


Sold the business and now fully retired. (Still on the Board of Directors for a Formula Drivers Association. ) I have a pretty good staffed machine shop so I also like fabricating things.

I am also assisting in the expansion of the BARS Web site.  (

I would enjoy working with BARS in most all their endeavors especially in the area of Club related projects and education.

Thanks for your consideration. 

Jim Schings


Tim Kunkel/KF4MPM


Biographical Sketch not available







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